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Some people who’ve looked at this site say it ought to give background/advice on copyright law etc. But we don’t want to get sucked into all that. There are already loads of websites, some of them very authoritative, on copyright. Our aim is much more modest – just to air a bit of commonsense on basic courtesies – and we want to stick to that.

Another argument we’ve heard is that we need to get some big national/international genealogical bodies on board.  But we don’t see much chance. Any broad-based genealogical society has to represent a range of viewpoints, and not everyone sees things the way we do. Some people sincerely believe it’s more productive to hoover up data uncritically: if this produces reliable data only 90 per cent of the time, the thinking goes, over a long-enough timescale the genealogical community will clean up the rest. That seems to be the rationale behind a lot of the big genealogical websites, and they obviously have a lot of support.

But if, like us, you don’t believe indiscriminate copying serves the long-term interests of genealogy, spread the word about this Code!

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