Has this happened to you?

I was very excited to find an online tree with members of my family listed in it. My family have been a struggle to trace and there was my ggg grandfather. I immediately envisaged new branches to discover, new relatves to research with. But then I realised that it was somewhat unlikely that my ancestor who was born in a small Dutch town, married there, had children born there, died and was buried there had disappeared to Ohio, USA married another woman and had numerious children and then presumably returned to the Netherlands. I contacted the ‘Tree owner’ to find out what had happened.

I provided all the source information I had, copies of all the Births, marriages and deaths, photo of the tombstone all proving that my ancestor was not the same as hers.The reply came back that a database she uses had ‘made a suggestion’ that they were the same person, because she trusted the database she believed the information and that was that.

To this day her tree continues to show my ancestor, born Zutphen Holland as being married and having children in Ohio, USA.

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2 Responses to Has this happened to you?

  1. Lotta says:

    Very valid, pithy, suiccnct, and on point. WD.

  2. Malcolm Webb says:

    Happened to me several times. If they are “name harvesters” they won’t bother to reply. If they are genuine researchers they will enter into a dialogue. No-one that I have approached (politely) under these circumstances with an offer to exchange and compare information has yet responded.

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