New Category

If you’re sharp-eyed, you might have seen that the Code now refers to three database categories instead of two. (For the definition of each category, see under The Code.)

We’re loath to make the Code any more complicated. But, as more and more databases come forward for registration, we’ve needed to say something about those that go beyond the basic Category 1, but stop short of a large amount of original editorial input (as in the old Category 2).

Often, for example, compilers have negotiated special access to data which the public wouldn’t otherwise see. They may have entered into agreements on what was to be transcribed, or on precautions to be taken against unauthorised copying. We’re now calling these Category 2 databases, and re-numbering the value-added databases Category 3.

The dividing lines aren’t always sharp. Some databases will straddle boundaries. But from here on, we have a self-imposed ordinance against further refinements! We aren’t attempting to lay down hard-and-fast rules for every situation – just trying to get people to THINK before they copy.

The Code itself remains, we hope, a clear distillation of commonsense.

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