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1851 Anglo-Jewry Database1851 Anglo-Jewry DatabaseThe database covers mainly England, Wales and Scotland with a few additions from Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Most of the names, but not all, are linked to the 1851 census. There are approaching 29,000 names, which is probably more than 90 per cent of the Jewish population in Britain at that time. It brings together the work of nearly 250 contributors from around the world.
CemeteryScribeswww.cemeteryscribes.comThe aim of this project is to preserve for future generations the information that has been inscribed over the centuries on headstones across the country before it is lost to the insidious ravages of acid rain, urbanization, neglect and vandalism
Gibraltar Jewish community recordsGibraltar Jewish Community records6,461 entries transcribed from the Gibraltar Jewish community's birth, marriage and death records (1908-1931), along with 1,485 entries relating to people identified as Jews in the Gibraltar censuses of 1777 and 1791
Irish Jewish RootsIrish Jewish Genealogical SocietyThe Irish Jewish Family History Database has been compiled by Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI. and contains information on over 44,000 individuals who lived in Ireland between 1700 and the present day.
Islington Jews DatabaseIslington Jews Database Some 2,300 entries, listing Jews – or people whose names suggest they were Jewish – who were resident in Islington at any time between the 1730s and 1840s
JCR-UK Jewish Births DatabaseJGSGB Jewish Births Database1,027 entries from the West London Synagogue covering the period 1844 to 1905, along with miscellaneous transcriptions from UK birth certificates donated to the JGSGB Library
JCR-UK Jewish Burials DatabaseJGSGB Jewish Burials DatabaseAbout 80,000 entries going back to the 18th century from the records of multiple communities in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man
JCR-UK Jewish Marriages Database JGSGB Jewish Marriages DatabaseOver 16,000 entries transcribed with permission from the records of London's Bevis Marks, Sandys Row and West London Synagogues, along with those of eight provincial communities in the United Kingdom
JCR-UK Database: miscellaneous Jewish recordsJGSGB Database miscellaneous Jewish records15,708 entries from the Manchester Street Index and the Salford Police Register of Aliens
JCR-UK Database of Jewish School RecordsJGSGB Database of Jewish School Recordsover 1,300 entries transcribed from the records of the Hull Hebrew School (1845-1945) and London Central School (1884 -1900)
JCR-UK Database of Jews in United Kingdom CensusesJGSGB Database of Jews in United Kingdom Censuses42,363 entries transcribed from censuses covering (variously) 1841-1911 in Exeter, Falmouth, Leeds, London, Manchester, Oxford, Penzance, Plymouth and Stroud
Jewish Surnames in early London-based insurance policiesJewish Insurance Policies Compiled by the late George Rigal, a searchable database with over 26,000 entries on policies taken out in the 18th and 19th centuries, listing full names, addresses, dates, occupations and other information, and grouping together policies taken out by a single individual.
Jews’ Free School Admission RegistersJews' Free School Admission Register Some 20,000 entries covering the period from c.1856 to 1907, listing admissions to The Jews’ Free School in the East End of London, Europe's largest Jewish secondary school
Laidlaw, PetraAn Index to the Jewish Community of the British Isles in 1851 ISBN 978-1-4457-5020-0. (London, 2010)
Lewin, Harold & MiriamMarriage Records of the Great Synagogue- London 1791-1885.
Birth Records of the Great Synagogue 1791 to 1877 and Hambro Synagogue 1770 to 1905.
Birth Records of the New Synagogue & Marriage Records of the New and Hambro Synagogues, London.
ISBN 9655551865, 9789655551860. Jerusalem, 2004. 700p.
ISBN 978-965-91261-0-1. (Jerusalem, 2008).
ISBN 978 965-91261-1-8. (Jerusalem, 2010)
Online Genealogical IndexOnline Genealogical IndexA simple and efficient way of finding genealogical data online
Rigal, GeorgeJewish Surnames in London-based Insurance Policiesprint version of online database listed above. Published 2013, two volumes, ISBN 5 800098 751687 and 5 800098 864493
Polishfamilywww.polishfamily.comPhotos taken by Debbie and others for genealogy research
Shire, AngelaGreat Synagogue Marriage Records: 1791-1850 ISBN 0950843733 (0-9508437-3-3)
Softcover, Frank J. Gent
SynagogueScribesSynagogueScribesOne-stop gateway to Anglo-Jewish community records: Synagogue Scribes offers a unique and fully searchable database of London Ashkenazi Synagogue records, with the emphasis on pre UK civil registration, which began on 1st July 1837

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