Spreading the Genealogy Code

We’re relying on people who like this site and agree with our code to spread the word to others. It’s beginning to get around, having only been going for a month.

We were pleased, for example, to get a mention in Nu? What’s New? an E-zine produced by Avotaynu, who publish books of interest to those researching their Jewish roots.

We believe the code is important to all researchers and webmasters across the whole spectrum of genealogy so if you run a newsletter or blog of your own, why not give us a mention? Help turn this rumble-in-the-jungle into a clamour!

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2 Responses to Spreading the Genealogy Code

  1. Louise Messik says:

    The Genealogy Quality code is important to all of us who are concerned about the protection of our data. How wonderful it would be if it was mandatory for all compilers of work for the web. The high ethos of those who subscribe to GQC would then be recognised throughout the genealogical world.
    I have registered the work that I have carried out and would urge everyone to do the same.

  2. dh says:

    Completely agree. Too many people try to take advantage just to make
    a buck and you never know until you’ve made a mistake. Too many people
    try to get info without real research to determine the real facts.