Genealogy Quality Code

Acceptable copying

  • Basic, non-value-added, factual data (eg names, dates, and places drawn from readily available public records) may be copied from individual records in Category 2 or Category 3 databases, as long as:
    • their reproduction doesn’t cut across the interests of the original creator (as it would if eg the format allowed third parties to reconstruct the whole or a significant part of the original)
    • the source is listed
    • the creator has given permission for anything other than small-scale reproduction (anything more than, say, 0.1 per cent of the total dataset).
  • Value-added material – such as transliterations, linkages of records, photographs, explanatory notes – may be copied from a Category 3 database, as long as:
    • It’s only on a small scale (for example, a few individual entries or a single family tree)
    • the source is listed

 Unacceptable practice

  • Value-added material may not be copied from Category 3 databases, except:
    •  on the scale, in aggregate, of a few individual entries or one family tree, and
    •  with the express permission of the original creator
  • Material, whether value-added or otherwise, may not be reproduced from a Category 2 database or Category 3 database in a format that would allow third parties to copy or reconstruct the whole or a significant part of the original.
  • Data properly attributed to the original source may not be directly edited or amended without the creator’s permission:  any doubts about the data should be recorded in an appended note.
  • Value-added data may not be commercially exploited by others in a way that undermines the original creator’s intentions (be they to charge, or to make the data available gratis)

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